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Tiny house sewerage

For tiny houses with a plumbing system that resembles an ordinary house, draining gray water and black water should not be a major problem. But if you prefer a tiny house that is not connected to the sewer, dumping water waste can be a problem.

So what are the best practices for the maintenance of grey and black water in a tiny house?



The basics of tiny house sewerage

What is the difference between grey water and black water? Grey water is the dirty water that is collected after a shower or washing the dishes in the kitchen. Black water usually retains the human waste that accumulates in the toilet. Usually both waste waters have designated landfills. But in reality, it can be difficult to find the nearest landfill, especially when you are constantly travelling from one place to another.

Knowing how to manage your waste water effectively, without access to landfills, is crucial to maintain your tiny house hygiene.