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The tuned liquid damper is an ideal system to reduce vibrations

With more than 20 years of experience in the installation of dampening systems, Flow Engineering is the ideal partner to work with if there are any vibrational problems in existing structures. This company provides solutions that eliminate the vibrations in slender constructions which can oscillate easily, such as chimneys on industrial sites, high bridges or flagpoles. Their high-end systems not only reduce vibrational problems but can also prevent fatigue damage that causes weakness in the structures. The professionals provide their solutions to slender constructions all over the world. One of their frequently applied systems is the tuned liquid damper.

Stabilize a fragile construction with this high-end system

The tuned liquid damper and the tuned mass damper are both high-end systems that are produced by this company. Although the Tuned Liquid Damper is a less frequently used than the tuned mass damper, it is still a very good option to protect a slender structure from oscillation. This dampening system is partially filled with a mixture of water and glycol, which is used to decrease the vibration. The box is able to move in any direction and will vacillate in the opposite direction of crosswinds or waves that might otherwise damage the structure. The high-end system is also used to avoid damage that is caused by building fatigue which might occur due to natural influences.

Find the right system for your slender construction by contacting the experts

Have you noticed a slender structure with reduced stability? For example, the chimney on your factory or a large flagpole? Flow Engineering’s professionals are here to help and protect these fragile structures with their professional dampening systems. The systems are easily installed on all kinds of structures. To find out about the possibilities of their systems, make sure to contact the experts via the contact details on their website.