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The reason Twitch is so popular

Twitch is the most popular platform to watch (live) streams of games. Every day millions of people from all over the world are watching streams on the platform. Twitch is a popular platform, but why? What makes Twitch so special? Keep reading and learn all about it!

Why Twitch is so popular?

Twitch has grown out to the biggest game stream platform. The reason for this is that watching streams has become very popular. For two reasons mostly. The first reason is that a lot of people like to watch someone playing a game when they are not in the position to buy the game their self or are deciding whether to buy the game or not. Another reason is that e-sports has become very popular in the last years. People want to see the top level gamers like they are athletes. Twitch it the place to watch top level gamers stream. 

Furthermore, Twitch broadcasts several e-sports competitions, is interactive, offers a huge amount of games you can watch, a huge amount of content (also not related to gaming) and offers creators the opportunity to make money while performing their hobby.

Using TikTok to make your Twitch stream more popular

When you are a streamer it can be difficult to expand your community and viewer numbers. A great way to do this is to convert the best moments of your stream in to short clips which you can share on TikTok for example. To do this you need a Twitch converter, which makes it easy to make these short clips. On TikTok anything can go viral, even if you don’t have a lot of followers. Just post the right content for the right target audience and you will see your stream become more popular. Using the Twitch Converter the converting of the video’s will be easy!