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Nooboo’s sustainable bamboo clothing

Nooboo designs durable and sustainable bamboo clothing to give consumers the best in comfort and style. Our sustainable bamboo clothing men and women are made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers and materials, which are free from any kind of fertilizer and pesticides. The result of Nooboo’s sustainable bamboo clothing is an excellent and high-quality essential for any men’s and women’s’ wardrobe. Whether if you choose our sweaters or t-shirts, both are made with passion. Nooboo works with production experts to create the most bang for your buck sweaters in Portugal, the same applies to our t-shirts in Indonesia. The 100% sustainable bamboo t-shirt men and women is our signature piece in Nooboo’s clothing collection.

The bamboo fabric on our bamboo clothing keeps you cool or warm depends on the weather temperature. This body regulating feature is available in every piece of clothing. Additionally, Nooboo’s clothing maintain an excellent shape after each wear and wash, also perfect for sensitive skin due the hypoallergenic feature. Furthermore, bamboo is odor resistant and it is suitable for multiple wears throughout the week. However, with Nooboo’s sustainable bamboo clothing you are protected against UV rays on sunny days. Nooboo aims for simplicity and innovation at the same time, so we can provide multiple sustainable masterpieces on the sustainable clothing market.

Nooboo’s order and shipping

Our sustainable bamboo clothing men and sustainable bamboo clothing women could be found on Nooboo’s t-shirts are available separately, 2-pack and 3-pack. We do ship worldwide and free shipping within the Netherlands and Germany. Orders will be shipped on the same day if the purchase is made before 4.00 pm.