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How to expand your collection of revolvers of the Old West

Do you have a passion for collection revolver of the Old West? Don’t look any further, the professionals of Wild West Treasures (based in Belgium) have what you are looking for. They share the same interest in American history and its used weapons, primers, revolvers and other objects. Their items come from other professional and reliable collectors or international gun shows. Visiting an exhibition at a museum is one thing, but collecting revolvers of the Old West is really something special. Read more below and discover the strengths of their historical offer.

Find your personal preference

Maybe you are looking for specific types of revolvers of the Old West? As a professional collector, knowing the details of the items is incredibly important. The experts of Wild West Treasures will tell you everything they know about the previous owner, the era it was used, the integrated materials and so on. Have a look at their offer to find your personal preference or to find the perfect gift for someone who shares the same interest in American history. Other products, such as derringers of different brands, miniatures, Japanese swords, pepperboxes and long guns are also an important part of what they have to offer for their customers.

Contact them for more information

Have a look at the website of the company to find the ideal item you had in mind. Use the navigation menu to filter on date, the total asking price, era the revolvers of the Old West were used or overall status of the product. Do you have a question about their impressive collection? Or would you like to discuss your wishes with these professionals in the business? Simply fill in the online contact form to get started, phone them or send them an e-mail with your questions. They will tell you everything you need to know about revolvers of the Old West, rifles, pistols and more.