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Frigo Group Transport: certification, countries and specialisations

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your road transport in the Netherlands or Europe? Then Frigo Group Transport is the right choice for you. With their ISO 9001 certification, they have proven to meet the highest international quality standards. This means that they have a well-functioning quality management system and constantly strive to improve their services. But that’s not all. Frigo Group Transport also specialises in frozen transport and serves several countries, including the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg, for pallet transport. With customised solutions from their warehouse or cold store, they ensure that your goods are in good hands. Read on to find out more about Frigo Group Transport’s services and specialisations.

What certification does Frigo Group Transport have?

Frigo Group Transport has achieved ISO 9001 certification. This certification confirms that the company meets international quality standards. It shows that Frigo Group Transport has implemented a well-functioning quality management system and that it continuously strives to improve its road transport services in the Netherlands.

The certification is of great importance to Frigo Group Transport, as it demonstrates that it meets the high standards prevailing in the logistics sector, especially in road transport in the Netherlands. It offers customers the assurance that their goods are in good hands and that they can rely on a reliable and high-quality road transport service in the Netherlands. ISO 9001 certification demonstrates Frigo Group Transport’s commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering quality in all its services.

Frigo Group & pallet transport

Frigo Group serves several countries for pallet transport, including the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg. They specialise all facets of road transport, especially in frozen food transport and offer customised solutions from their warehouse or cold store. They can order pick for varietal pallet composition and also deliver at pallet level, box level or consumer unit. During pallet transport of frozen products, they use track and trace to track shipments. Frigo Group also provides Full Truck Loads and groupage options for pallet transport to countries such as Benelux, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland. They bundle pallets to offer lower costs. In addition, they can transfer goods on wooden pallets to plastic pallets or other pallet sizes and heights. They always aim for low transport costs per unit and use their own trucks and Dutch-speaking drivers.

What is the difference between freezer transport and refrigerated transport?

Freezer transport and refrigerated transport are both forms of transport used to transport perishable goods, but there is an important difference between the two. Freezer transport is used to transport goods at a very low temperature, often at temperatures below freezing. This type of transport is mainly used for products that need to remain frozen, such as ice cream, frozen food and medicines that need to be stored at low temperatures.

Refrigerated transport, on the other hand, is used to transport goods at chilled temperatures, usually between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. This type of transport is suitable for perishable goods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat products.

So the main difference between freezer transport and refrigerated transport lies in the temperature at which the goods are transported. In freezer transport, the temperature is below freezing, while in refrigerated transport, the temperature remains above freezing but is still refrigerated to preserve the quality and shelf life of the goods.