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FIFA 21: The Best Young Players For Career Mode

The best way to build a team with focuson the future in FIFA 21 Career Mode is to recruit the best young players in the title, so over the course of a few seasons they become the leaders of your squad and big stars of football.

The overall ratings change annually in each FIFA installment due to the performance of the players in the past season, so the projections made on young players can substantially change from one course to another, so many people check this data before starting to assemble their team.

In addition, another advantage of opting for this strategy is that most young players are much cheaper than established stars, so you won’t need to be in a first level team to make a squad that will win many trophies after a few years.

Here is a small list of the best young players in FIFA 21, highlighting their skills, positions and much more. Be careful, some of these players are also cheap in FUT, so buy FIFA Coins to acquire them in that mode, you will not regret it.


Best FIFA 21 young players.

  1. Kylian Mbappé – PSG.

Despite he has been at the highest level in Europe for several years, this French forward is just 22 years old and with his devastating average of 90 is a player capable of winning many games with a bunch ofinsane skills.

As if that was not enough, Kylian can play 95 points in his career top, making it an invaluable piece to have on your team to keep you at the top of the line.

  1. Jadon Sancho – Borussia Dortmund.

The English winger from Borussia Dortmund is one of the most sought-after young players on the current passing market and in FIFA 21 has an overall of 87, being able to reach 93 points with proper development in Career Mode.

  1. Kai Havertz – Chelsea.

The recently signed Chelsea midfielder has an average of 85 points on his FIFA Ultimate Team card and has a maximum of 93 in Career Mode top, a fairly high score considering this will be his first season on Premier League.

  1. Mathijs de Ligt – Juventus.

The Juventus defender, despite his first irregular season, has an average of 85 points and can go up to 93 points, a great option for the middle of the defense.

  1. Trincao. – FC Barcelona.

The portuguese right winger has 78 OVR points and can go up to 93 points, stands out due to the fact that he will only play his first season in Barcelona.

  1. Vinícius Jr. – Real Madrid.

The fast Brazilian winger is on the rise and already has a valuation of 80 points, with the possibility of reaching a maximum of 93, a real promise of football.

  1. Ansu Fati – FC Barcelona.

The La Masía youth squad at just 17 years old has a rating of 76 points and can reach a maximum score of 90 in Career Mode, this boy will achieve great things with his team.


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