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Developing your product or service

You are an entrepreneur and you want to put a new product or service on the market. Super interesting for you of course, but is it also for your target group? Your target group is the most important, after all, they have to buy your product or service. Without them you can’t even set up a product or a service. Do you want to have your product or service match the wishes of your target group in one go? Then it is smart to involve them in the design process right away. Just make sure that you don’t do that until you have your prototype. From there, you can see how your target audience views your product or service. Edit it and then go back to the target audience. Is this target group with which you tested completely satisfied? Then you can put your product or service on the market with peace of mind.


Customer journey mapping

You can have your prototype tested through customer journey mapping. The customer will experience his or her journey with your product or service. By means of a so-called map you map all the points that your users come to. So, customer journey mapping. The points we just talked about are also called touch points. These touch points are important to make in the map. Perhaps you have forgotten touch points in your prototype and you will find out using this method.



Through UX research repository you ensure that all data is properly stored. This is very important, because nowadays this is mandatory under the privacy law. You can also experiment with this when you test a prototype. What is the best way to store the information through the UX Research repository? Now you can easily try it out, but as soon as many people have bought your product or service, it becomes a bit more difficult. So make use of this.