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Complete renovatieservices in Dubai: MTY Renovations & Technical Services

Welcome to MTY Renovations & Technical Services! Are you looking for a reliable and specialised partner for your renovation project in Dubai? Then you have come to the right place. We specialise in complete renovations of villas, flats, exclusive penthouses, offices and other locations in this vibrant city. With our wide range of renovation services, including interior design, kitchen and bathroom renovations, painting, flooring, lighting and much more, we ensure that your renovation project goes off without a hitch.

Are you curious about the cost of a renovation in Dubai? Or would you like more information about our renovation process? Then contact MTY Technical Services for a personalised, tailor-made quote. We are ready to make your renovation dreams come true.

What is the renovation process like at MTY?

At MTY, we understand that renovation can be a complex process. Therefore, we have developed a structured process to ensure that all steps are carried out efficiently.

The home renovation Dubai process at MTY involves several steps. It starts with an introductory meeting with the client to discuss their needs and requirements. Next, MTY assembles a project team and a mood board and design are created. This is presented to the client, along with a 3D visualisation and a quotation. If the client agrees, a renovation contract is signed and the necessary products and materials are ordered. A start date for the home renovation Dubai is then scheduled and the project is supervised by a project manager. Upon completion of the renovation, a final inspection is carried out and a statement of the increase in value after the home renovation Dubai is provided.

At MTY, we are known for our high service level and quality. We only work with selected partners who meet our strict standards. Our communication is direct and punctual, and we always honour our commitments. Our goal is to deliver the best quality and ensure that our customers are satisfied.

What are the steps of the renovation process at MTY?

As for the steps of the renovation process at MTY, here are all the points:

  1. Introduction meeting with the client: During this meeting, the client’s needs and requirements are discussed.
  2. Client requirements: MTY Technical Services gathers all the necessary information about the renovation, including the desired materials and design.
  3. Making appointments with the project team: MTY Technical Services schedules the necessary appointments with the project team, including designers, architects and contractors.
  4. Mood board and design: Based on the client requirements, a mood board and design is created to provide a visual representation of the intended end result.
  5. 3D visual presentation and quotation: MTY Technical Services presents a 3D visual representation of the design and offers a detailed quotation with the estimated cost of the bathroom renovation Dubai.
  6. Signing of renovation contract: After approval of the design and quote, a renovation contract is drawn up and signed.
  7. Ordering of products and materials: MTY Technical Services orders the necessary products and materials for the bathroom renovation Dubai.
  8. Planning renovation start date: A start date is scheduled for the actual renovation work.
  9. Final check by project manager: Upon completion of the bathroom renovation Dubai, the project manager performs a final check to ensure that everything has been completed satisfactorily.
  10. Overview showing value increase after renovation: MTY Technical Services offers an overview of home value appreciation after bathroom renovation Dubai.

For more detailed information and to request a personalised quote, we encourage you to contact MTY Technical Services.