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An essential book for entrepreneurs and business owners

marketing management by philip kotler

What should business people read? Which book will help you get charged with ideas and provide a set of useful tools? We recommend the world bestseller “It Won’t Be Easy” by Ben Horowitz, one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. In his book, the author shares the lessons he learned from his rich experience in business and management. He explores the questions of how to hire and fire people, how to deal with stress, how to give bad news to an employee, how to stop intrigue in the workplace, whether to sell a business, what types of leaders a company needs at different stages of development.

According to Horowitz, the success of a CEO is not determined by some uniform rules and secrets. The main quality that distinguishes an outstanding CEO is the ability to focus and make the right choice in an environment when it seems that there is no choice.

What, according to the author, is one of the most important tasks of a good leader? Make the company a good place to work.

Why is it important? People can work in a company with not a very good atmosphere, but only when things are going well, when the situation changes and the company is experiencing difficulties, then the atmosphere in the company becomes critical, especially when you consider that any company faces problems … If people value the company they work for, they will stay with it through tough times.

Corporate culture can be your competitive advantage. And it needs to be formed purposefully.

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