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WoW Classic – How To Save Gold For The Level 40 Mount

There’s a couple of tips for fresh WoW Classic players that will help them get their first mount when they hit level 40.


  1.  You can get a 20% discount on the riding skill. The skill costs 20 gold. Being honored with the race from which you are buying the skill gets you a 10% discount. You can grab another 10% discount if you have PvP rank 3. The discounts add so you end up paying 20% less. Reaching honored is not that hard. You will achieve that by questing so make sure to do all the available quests.
  2.  Complete quests. The WoW Classic quests give decent money. Complete as many quests as you can, even if they are green or even gray. You won’t get XP anymore, but you can sure use the money. If you don’t need the reward sell it to the vendor. When questing, you kill many mobs and they all drop something. Cloths and other materials sell well on the auction house.
  3.  Do dungeons. Besides XP and gear upgrades, dungeons are a good way to get WoW Classic gold. The mobs drop decent money and there’s also the loot. Make sure to clear your bags and grab as much as you can carry, even it is just vendor trash.
  4.  Get ready to min-max. If you want to get your mount as soon as you reach 40, you might need to delay raising your professions. Cloths are always in demand on the auction house. You will sacrifice the first aid and tailoring but it might worth it.
  5.  Pick up a gathering profession. Mining, skinning, and herbalism will help you earn gold in the long run and there’s no cost involved in leveling them. Gather as many materials as possible and sell them on the auction house.
  6.  Sell green items on the auction house. Don’t sell low-level greens to the vendor just yet. You might grab a better price for them at the auction house. The classic interface doesn’t show the vendor prices, but there’s an add-on for that.
  7.  Get an auction house add-on. The truth is that the original WoW auction house interface is a pain to work it. Do yourself a favor and get an add-on.
  8.  Save as much as possible. For example, taking the Stormwind-Ironforge train is free while flying costs money. Don’t buy consumables. Cook the food yourself or ask a mage to make some for you.
  9.  Let GoldPiles help. This is the easiest way. They will provide you with all the WoW Classic gold you need so you can focus on the fun aspects of the game.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)