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What defines a good pizza? (And how to create your own)

Pizzas are available everywhere around the world. However, there is a big difference in quality and flavor. So what makes a pizza a good one and how can you create the perfect pizza yourself? In this article we’ll give you the scoop on how to create a good pizza at home. But first, we’ll define what makes a pizza a good one so you can take this into account before you start baking.

The makings of a good pizza

The basics of a high quality pizza are the dough, fresh ingredients and a killer tomato sauce to create the perfect pizza. Though everyone has their own preferences (thick or thin crust, extra cheese or everything veggie) the basics are the same. As every chef or aspiring chef knows, the dough is the first step towards creating the perfect pizza. If you prefer an American pizza crust for example, the  pizza bases from Monte Pizza Crust are the ideal base for your pizza. They are high in fibers and quality and available in different sizes. Their standard dimensions range from 7 to 14 inch and their thickness varies from thin to deep dish (7mm up to 18mm). Plus once baked, they are slightly crunchy and have a perfect bite. Apart from a good pizza base, you’ll also need fresh ingredients to create a tasty tomato sauce. If you choose fresh ingredients, you’ll immediately taste the difference, because ready to use tomato sauce has a lot of added preservatives to maintain a long shelf life. So if you have the option, always choose fresh over jarred tomato sauce.

How to create your own slices of heaven

True pizza lovers probably already know the secret to good homemade pizza. For those of you who don’t (or if you simply want to refresh your memory) there’s good news. Creating your own heavenly homemade pizza isn’t rocket science. Infact, if you have all the right fresh ingredients, it can be a breeze. Step one is to make sure the oven is piping hot. No delicious pizza was ever created in a medium hot oven. Step two, use all of your fresh ingredients to create delicious, tasty tomato sauce and spread a thin layer of sauce over your pizza base. Step 3, add the desired ingredients on top of your sauce. Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, mushrooms, thin slices of ham, salami or tuna are examples of toppings that work well with your tomato sauce. Then put the pizza into the oven and wait until your pizza is thoroughly baked and crunchy. Finally as a last step you can opt for an additional sauce on top of your pizza, such as garlic sauce to give it some extra bite. And there you have it: your perfectly baked homemade pizza. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your little piece of heaven before it’s cold!