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What can your birth chart tell you?

Most people know their zodiac sign. Although some people are really a ‘typical’ example of their zodiac sign, not everyone can identify with it well. This is because there is a lot more to your birth chart than just your sun sign!

Astrology has a long and rich history, and has developed in different ways in many cultures. In the West this has led to the system and the 12 signs we know today. Astrology used to be used more often for predictions, but now it is mainly used to better understand our personality. This is called psychological astrology or astropsychology and is a modern direction in Western astrology.

The position of the sun, moon and planets at the moment of your birth, as seen from your place of birth, is written down in a horoscope drawing. This is called your birth chart. Each planet tells you about a certain part of your psyche; for example, the sun stands for your ego, and the moon for your inner emotions. Each planet is in a sign, a ‘house’ (a certain place in the horoscope), and makes aspects with other planets or points of your horoscope. A birth chart is therefore very complex!

In order to really give an accurate interpretation of your birth chart, for example when forming your 2021 horoscope, it is important to include the entire chart. Nothing is separate from each other, and there are many things in your horoscope that can reinforce or contradict each other. However, there are a number of important points in your horoscope that can be very telling in themselves, and can provide answers to specific questions! Some of these points are described below:

  • Moon sign: The moon is about your instincts, emotions and your deepest desires. Among other things, it can tell you about how you deal with your emotions and what you need to feel good emotionally.
  • Ascendant: Your ascendant is the zodiac sign that emerged on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It is an important part of our personality and says a lot about our basic attitude: how we behave and how we approach things.
  • Descendant: Your descendant is opposite your ascendant. It says a lot about how you interact with others and how you are in 1 on 1 relationships. You can also find the type of person you often encounter in this.
  • Midheaven: What you want to achieve in life. How you are seen and how you want to be seen. Often it is also about your career.
  • Imum Coeli: Your IC is opposite your mid-sky. It can tell you a lot about how you are at home and what you need to feel at home.
  • North Node: This represents personal growth and your life course: what lesson you learn in this life, where you come from and where you are going. This is also often associated with karma and past lives.