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What are the pros and cons of anonymous calling?

In certain situations, anonymous calling can come in handy. For example, when you need to call someone who you would rather not know your phone number from. But not everyone knows how to anonymize their number. And what are the pros and cons anyway?


Anonymous calling, what is that exactly?

When someone calls you anonymously, the number of the person calling you is not visible, it says “anonymous” or “private number”. Examples of situations when it is smart to call anonymously is when someone still owes you money or who otherwise does not want to fulfill his obligations. Or maybe you want to reach out to someone you’re having a fight with who otherwise doesn’t want to answer the phone when they see your name. Anonymous calling is also very useful for certain companies.


How do I make my number anonymous? SMS anonymous

Do you want to call someone anonymously only once? Then you can do that via a simple code. Enter the number you intend to call but prefix #31#. Don’t forget that you are now only anonymous to the person who calls you once. So, it’s a one-off. If you want to call someone afterwards, your number will be visible again. It is also possible to sms anonymous.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of anonymous calling are that your privacy is guaranteed. Not everyone you want to call needs to see your personal phone number. You can prevent someone from bothering you. Disadvantages can be that if you want to call someone anonymously, but the person does not answer, the person cannot see who called. And that person can’t call you back either. Also, many people don’t answer their phone when they see someone calling them anonymously. Nowadays people don’t like it when they are called anonymously, unlike in the past when this was more normal.