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To work in the Netherlands on a temporary basis

It is compulsory to have Dutch healthcare insurance. This also applies to people who work temporarily in the Netherlands as a foreigner. Even if you already have healthcare insurance in your country of origin. In order to be able to get necessary care in the Netherlands, you will need at least basic healthcare insurance. However, most healthcare insurers will give you the option of supplementary insurance if you want to be able to get other treatments reimbursed. Are family members coming with you? If so, it is important that they are insured as well. Children under the age of 18 do not need to take out separate healthcare insurance. They are co-insured with you.

Healthcare insurance for labour migrants

When you come to the Netherlands from abroad, there is a lot to arrange. In order to take out healthcare insurance, you will first need to be registered with the municipality where you are going to live. You will then be able to choose a healthcare insurer that suits you. HollandZorg offers special healthcare insurance for labour migrants. This insurance is easy to take out and terminate when you leave the country. We also make it as easy as possible for you in other ways. For example, your employer can take out the healthcare insurance for you and, if necessary, apply for care allowance for you. In addition, we offer customer service in various languages so that we can provide you with good service.

Other HollandZorg benefits

With a HollandZorg health insurance NL you will not only be reimbursed for care within the Netherlands. Even if you are temporarily in another European country, you are also entitled to necessary care. Reimbursements may vary per country. So always contact us if you need care outside the Netherlands. We will then be able to help you find the right care.