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Tips for Running Successful Google Campaigns for E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, nothing beats the effectiveness of e-commerce Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords campaigns). The trick is comprehending and incorporating all of Google Ads’ e-commerce features into a well-optimized marketing plan that sends targeted traffic to your online business. Research shows that about 63% of customers have clicked on a Google ad.

We’ve developed this comprehensive Google Ads guide for beginner, intermediate, and expert e-commerce store owners on Shoplazza and Shopify. This guide gives five strategies for boosting your Google Shopping ads for your dropshipping business to get more sales.


1. Track Important Performance Metrics

One of the advantages of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for an e-commerce business is that you can measure everything. Google AdWords and Analytics automatically track key performance indicators. You have all the data you need at your fingertips. This makes it easy for you to check your PPC effort and improve your campaign.

Google Shopping is no different. It monitors vital information so you can learn how to improve and get more sales. Here are some important things to note when you run Google campaigns:

  • How many users have seen your ads?
  • How many people clicked on your ad?
  • How many product views does your product listing have?
  • How many users completed the purchase?


2. Set Concrete & Measurable Goals

Even with the data at your fingertips, it might be challenging to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns if you don’t set the right goals. You must set measurable and concrete goals from the beginning of your Google Ads journey. Knowing your final target is the first step to setting the right goals.

Are you looking to increase sales in a slow season? Can we attract more long-term customers? Increase order value and convince customers to buy more? The answers to these questions will help you identify the standard to aim for and will also help you determine if Google campaigns will achieve these goals.


3. Constantly Optimize Your Feed

The biggest mistake one can make with any advertising or marketing campaign is to start it and abandon it. However, campaigns can run seamlessly without your effort, but the results you’ll get depend on you. By learning about your campaign and ad performance, you can always boost ROI.

There are many things that you can learn and measure from pay-per-click ads. You can discover:

  • Products that are worth investing in or advertising;
  • Key description detail that generates more clicks;
  • Images that function well in product listing ads.

Brands that constantly optimize their product feed and audit their campaigns will have the most successful Google campaigns for e-commerce.


4. Regularly Update Your Bids & Budget

The minute your campaign runs, you can get various insights by experimenting with and monitoring your performance. You can continuously improve your daily budget, individual profit bids, and product feeds to get more clicks and conversions in your e-commerce store.

Regularly monitor how a particular product is performing in your product listing ads. If a product isn’t doing so well, you might have to increase the bid amount to compete.


5. Use Google PLA Promotional Extension

To make your Google campaigns more successful, you can set a few extensions on Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). These extensions give you more information for your PLA, making your ads more compelling and clear. The best extensions include special offers, promotional texts, ratings, and reviews.

Unique texts give customers all the information they need about a product. You can also use it to brag about everyday free shipping or share other information. The rating and review extension helps you gather data from third-party review sites or  Google into your Google shopping ads.


Final Thoughts

Google campaigns are another excellent opportunity for the e-commerce industry. Do you just want to settle for the good of it or make the most of the opportunity? The tips above are the best ways to spice up your Google shopping campaign to make a difference among your competitors and increase sales.


(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)