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Tips for optimal use of a communication headset while cycling

  • Make sure the microphone is close to your mouth. That way you can hear better and there is hardly any wind noise.
  • When cycling with a communication system you have the earphone on one ear. Keep in mind which side you wear the headset on when communicating with other cyclists.
  • After a while, the clip around your ear may get a bit boring, but it does not become irritating.
  • Various headsets are available and can be connected to an AXIWI unit; from standard models to a ‘custom made’ headset for optimal comfort during (long) cycling trips.
  • For extra protection and wearing comfort of the AXIWI communication system you can use a bracelet.
  • Do you have a long ride ahead of you? Then make sure you fully charge the battery beforehand.
  • When it rains it is important to protect the communication system properly. For this you can use a protective cover that can be worn around the wrist as well as the hip.
  • “Followers” can best act as “eavesdroppers”, so listen to what the front driver says and convey this directly to the group.
  • Keep in mind the range of the communication system when cycling with a follower car. A following car will bring extra distance between you and the group.
  • Use one communication set (2 units) per bicycle group.

This communication system has made many cyclists realize that they have to go cycling in a peloton in a different way. If they want to be correctly informed, they have to make sure that the distance between them is maintained.

Communication in sport and in many other circumstances can be done with the high tech systems by AXIWI.