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The Disney Showcase Collection is available at this shop

If you would like to purchase figurines from the Disney Showcase Collection, the Kid Collector Shop is the perfect place for you. You can either discover their collection online or admire their pieces in person if you visit their comic shop in Belgium. The collections consists of unique designs of your favorite Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, Maleficent and Snow White. There are also different styles available within this collection, so take a look around and order your favorites.

This shop offers plenty of characters to choose from

Whether you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter or Disney, this offer contains many appealing statuettes for every comic-enthusiast. This shop offers figurines from all kinds of manufacturers, from Weta Workshop to Mattel and Enesco. If you are looking for exclusive Disney collectibles, you should definitely take a look at their Disney Showcase Collection. This collection shows Disney’s beloved characters in different styles. Every piece is hand-painted, which means every statuette is unique. The Couture de Force figurines have your favorite characters flaunt new and improved outfits with stunning details. The Holiday-themed pieces show the characters dressed in winter or Christmas attire. You will also find several special anniversary figurines, like a figurine of Esmeralda that was released especially for the 20th anniversary of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, or a statuette of Alice, released on the 65th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. Purchase the piece(s) that compliment your existing collection, or start your first collection now.

Pay a visit to this comic shop or order online

Do not hesitate to pay a visit to the Kid Collector Shop. Admire every stunning piece in person and fall in love with the art of collecting. It is also possible to place your order online. Your piece(s) will be shipped within one to four business days. Purchase the Disney Showcase Collection in this shop!