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Search Engine for free comic books

Who does not like Comic books or Comics? We are a great fan of all sort of Comics and that is why we have build a search engine to browse through a huge database full of comic books and pdfs. The best thing about PDFroom is however, that we offer free comics downloads. You can easily download any pdf from our database to a device of your choice!

All sorts of Comics

When we build our database, we came across several free resources with comics in pdf. To keep the comics category organized, we decided to make several specific sub categories. On our website you will find the following Comics subcategories:

– Manga comics and pdfs

DC comics books pdfs

– Marvel Comics

– Batman Comics

– Spiderman Comics

– Star Wars Comics

– Avenger Comics

– Captain America Comics

We are constantly adding new comics books to our database.

DC comics vs Marvel comics

DC (Detective Comics) started in 1934, mostly with comic strips about exciting crime stories. In 1938, Superman’s first adventure appeared, and a year later Batman swung by. The name Marvel dates from 1961, but this comic publisher started under the name Timely Comics in 1939. Captain America was one of their first heroes, but many more comic icons followed later. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko invented Spider-Man in 1962, Lee and Jack Kirby introduced The Fantastic Four in 1961, The Hulk in 1962, and X-Men in 1963. On we have a wide variety of comics books and pdfs, and you will certainly find DC and Marvel comics in our database. We also have a lot pdfs about how to draw comics yourself.