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NBA 2K21: First Major Update (Game Modes)

MyCareer has the most changes according to the patch notes. Pro Am and MyCourt 3v3 hangs that the community had reported are now fixed. Another hang that occurred when users entered or exited the Cages is also fixed. You will no longer lose control of your MyPlayer during certain gameplay phases. The issue preventing players to finish some mini games in MyCourt with certain players is fixed. The fan growth in Park games will now accumulate properly. Custom shoes will show up properly on other players in the Beach. Finally, you will now see the correct cut scene after you win the College Championship.

In MyTeam, the update mostly fixes issues. You will no longer experience hang when tracking an expired agenda. The progress bar will now show correctly on the Agenda Tracker. Lastly, the interface issues that occurred when players applied and upgraded badges to player cards are now fixed.

In MyLeague/MyGM is the last mode that the patch addresses. The 2K share content will now properly function when you access them. The patch has improved the player progression. The player progression/regression was completely revamped. The “Boom or Bust” system will now manage the player progression. With the new changes, the game should change at every new play through. That feature will surely increase the replay value of the mode. The last fix in MyLeague corrected the issue when a hang would occur when you select Save As after you accessed the shared save list.

This patch is just the start of the major fixes that 2K games and Visual Concepts have planned. Using the community feedback as a way to improve the game will help the developers in their efforts to make the game more enjoyable. Update 1 has not addressed all the game’s issues, but it is already a good start. The gameplay improvement coupled with the various game modes fixes will prepare the public for the next-gen version of the game. MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.