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Lead-lined Cabinets Features and Functions

Hospitals, nuclear medicine, and the nuclear power sector are just a few businesses that use lead-lined cabinets. Shielded cabinets are used to store radioisotopes, radioactive waste, provide shielding when operating x-ray tubes, and safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from external radiation harm, among other things.

Design and Features

Lead shielded cabinets are made to order in steel or stainless with a lead liner ranging from 1/32″ to 2″ thick or thicker. Lead sheets are stacked for shielding thicknesses less than 5/8″, whereas lead is poured into cabinet walls for thicknesses more than 5/8″. Both techniques offer seamless radiation protection.

Lead-lined Shield offers several basic cabinet designs that demonstrate features and general cabinet design. The majority of cabinets are custom manufactured to best suit their intended purpose.

Shielded Openings, Drawers, and Doors

The inside of a shielded cabinet should be easily accessible while providing complete radiation protection. Radiation leakage is prevented by overlaying joints and seams in all lead cabinet doors. To enable radioactive waste disposal, shielded lids and holes may be installed at the top of the cabinet. Because radiation travels in neat lines, including stairs and interlocking doors, it minimizes the danger of radiation leakage via these holes.

Some cabinets need the use of electronics that must be powered from inside the cabinets. Shielded holes may also be provided to enable wires to flow inside without affecting shielding. These apertures are known as labyrinth entrances because they prevent straight-line radiation from exiting the cabinet.

To keep the items of the cabinet safe, doors may include knobs that lock shut. Heavy-duty industrial hinges support the mass of the lead-lined doors. If the mass of the lead-lined panel is still an issue, We may add gas struts to decrease the amount of force needed to open the door. To avoid compromising shielding, all cabinet equipment is welded onto the exterior of the cabinets rather than fastened.

The Cabinet Weight

The weight of the items you’re keeping, as well as the total weight of the cabinet, should be taken into account. The adjustable internal shelves can usually hold up to 100 pounds. The cabinet’s total weight may be very substantial. The 4″ adjustable legs on our cabinets make it easy to move the cabinet with a forklift or pallet truck. Before placing a lead-lined cabinet, be sure the floor the cabinet is on can handle the maximum weight.