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Find the right help to create your own book

Do you want to create your own book, but do you find the idea a little frightening? You are not alone! When you have Speak Your Own Book at your side, you get all the help and guidance you might need to finish your book. They are here to provide you with all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to bring your story to life. It doesn’t matter if you want to write an autobiography, turn your podcast into a book or write an informative book about nature. Whatever idea you have to create your own book, they can provide you with everything you need.

How do they offer help?

If you partner with this woman-owned-and-operated company, you get a skilled team of writers, editors, transcribers and writing coaches backing you up. All of these people are here to assist you with the process and struggles that you may run into when you try to come up with a plan to create your own book.  They understand that you may be confused about where to start, or how the publishing will work. You don’t have to look for tips or websites on how to write your book, you can just count on the skillful people of this professional team. With a coach from Speak Your Own Book, you receive guidance from start to finish. They help you create a plan of action, table of contents and an outline you can use as a roadmap throughout the whole process. The team is here for you from the very beginning, once you reach out with an idea, till the very end when your book gets published.

Create a book without writing

Did you know that you can create your own book without even writing one word yourself? That’s how the Speak-Writing method works. You tell them everything and all of your ideas, and they put it into the right words on paper. During this innovative process, you’re always in charge so that you’ll be proud and happy with the finished result. Contact them for more information on their website