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Find a donut dog toy and more accessories at this fun brand

If you want to buy fun and colorful accessories for your furry friend, Approved by Fritz is the brand for you! This woman-owned and sustainable brand is based in and inspired by New York City and the modern dog owner. They produce dog products that aren’t just functional, but stylish and fun as well. Furthermore, their products are made of sustainable materials by their team in their studio in Queens. Their fun dog collar set, for example, is made from old plastic bottles and their donut dog toy is made from upcycled old denim!

These products are made for the modern dog owner

Do you want to buy a matching collar and leash set for your dog? Then the collar set by Approved by Fritz is for you! These sets feature a adjustable leash and a sturdy collar in various fun collars. Each color in their collection was inspired by New York City and its subway lines! You can also add a useful and stylish dog poop bad holder to your leash so you can clean up after your dog everywhere you go! This holder is large enough to hold two rolls of bags, some treats for your pooch and your keys. Do you want to buy a new toy for your furry friend? Consider buying their donut dog toy, which will give your pup hours of entertainment. How can you be sure your dog will enjoy their products? Because every product was thoroughly tested by their professional quality tester, Fritz the dog!

Contact this company for more information about their products

Do you want to know more about this brand and their various products, like their dog collar set or their donut toy? You can easily contact this company via the contact information on their website! They will gladly tell you more about their sizing and the non-profit organizations that they support with your purchase.