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Are you in touch with your Spirit Guide?

You might wonder… does everyone on earth have spirit guides? The answer is simple: yes! You might be more familiar with the term guardian angels. Our angels are, just as our spirit guides, protecting us throughout our lives. We all have multiple spirit guides. Read more if you want to know what the purpose of spirit guides are and how you can try to make a spiritual connection.

How can you recognize spirit guides?

There a multiple ways in which you can feel the energy, comfort, protection and guidance from your spirit guides. It might for example very well be the case that one of your deceased loved ones has become one of your guides. The energy you feel might thus feel very familiar. They can lead you into a certain direction in your life by giving you specific ‘urges’ or messages, or you might see them in your dreams and they are talking to you or giving you signs there. Our spirit guides know us on a cell-level and have all volunteered to help us in our journey here on earth. They are extremely wise and kind being. The have our best interest in mind at all times and will never mislead you.

What is the purpose of spirit guides?

There is a difference between the role of your guardian angels and the role of your spirit guides. Let me elaborate. Your guardian angels role is geared more towards love, whereas your spirit guides role is more about you walking the path in life you were meant to walk. Their goal is to steer you in the right direction and nudge you back every time you tend to fall off. They want you to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. A nice way to think of it is as a parent holding the hand of their child and leading them in the right direction. That is also what our guides want for us. Even though you might have some trouble feeling that they are around, they are always helping us in our life lessons.  

How to be in touch with your guides

You can start to feel and notice your guides in a number of different ways. Some people can ‘feel’ that they are close and by their side. Others notice their guides in their dreams, and are able to connect with them. And even others like to communicate and feel the presence of their guides when going into meditation. It might be hard at the beginning, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. You will feel so loved and never alone. Don’t be afraid to try. And don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work the first few times. Keep on trying.