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All your favourite type of Dutch cookies at the Dutch Expat Shop

If you think about Dutch cookies, there are probably a few different sorts that come to mind. For instance the cookies of the famous Dutch brand Verkade, or the well known Jules Destrooper cookies. Or maybe you are more a LU cookies kind of person. If you don’t want to miss your favourite cookies from the Netherlands any longer, you can easily order them online at the Dutch Expat Shop. They offer worldwide shipping, so you can have your cookie of choice while drinking tea or coffee, wherever your live!


One of the most recognised Dutch cookies is of course the ‘stroopwafel’ which is by far one of the most popular cookies from the Netherlands. These delicious Dutch cookies consist of a very thin layer of syrup, sugar, butter, and cinnamon that is sandwiched between two thin wafers. Stroopwafels were invented in the late 18th century in the city of Gouda. In the Netherlands, stroopwafels are traditionally consumed with tea or coffee, and it is a custom to place a cookie on top of the cup and let it steam for a few minutes, so that the cookie is heated and the syrupy layer softens.

Gevulde koeken

Gevulde koek is a popular Dutch cookie with a tender, crumbly texture and a buttery flavor. The name of this tasty treat means filled cookie, referring to the fact that it is filled with a sweet, moist almond paste. The cookies can be found throughout the country, from posh bakeries to small kiosks located at most Dutch train stations.


Kruidnoten are popular Dutch cookies consisting of flour, sugar, butter, and milk. They are heavily spiced with a variety of ingredients such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, white pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. The cookies are traditionally baked in a round shape, unlike pepernoten, which are shaped into squares.


Bitterkoekjes are traditional Dutch almond cookies with a flavor that is reminiscent of the Italian amaretti, although bitterkoekjes have a chewier interior. The cookies consist of almond paste, sugar, and eggs, similar to macarons, so making them takes a bit of practice and knowledge as they can be quite tricky to prepare. Even though they can be made throughout the year, bitterkoekjes are especially popular during the festive Christmas season in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Expat Shop

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