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Achieve More Training Points In Madden NFL 21

In Madden games, especially Madden NFL 21, it is very important to learn all the ways to get in-game virtual currency in order to acquire the best players, buy the best skills and build a very solid team in all its offensive and defensive lines.

In this case, training can be very important to help you progress quickly in Madden Ultimate Team, as it allows your players to reach their maximum level and use better skills or considerably improve the chemistry of the entire team.

For this reason, we will give you a bunch of recommendations so that you can get the most out of the training areas and obtain as many points as possible for each exercise, without having to spend many hours of your time in the process.

Of course, before that we remind you that a fast way to get everything you need is to buy some Madden 21 Coins, so if you have the economic possibilities to do it this could be the fastest and easiest option for you.

Sell ítems to improve your training.

Most of the players and items you get in Madden Ultimate Team have a set value of Training Points, so selling them in exchange for these points can help you upgrade other players without spending time or money.

Therefore, the only thing you have to do to take advantage of this method is select the card and go to the last option on the list, called QuickSell.

After pushing QuickSell your card will be sold and you will immediately receive the amount of points that it marked before redeeming it, without any type of commission for the transaction.

Obviously, the better attributes the sold card has the higher the reward in Training Points will be, so you have to be very wise when choosing which cards to sell.

The most feasible thing in these cases is to sell mid-range players who are not a key part of your team, but grant a good amount of Training Points when selling them or, failing that, to sell that star who has been relegated to the bench because you managed to get a better player on that position.